Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trying to regain my Sanity

This weekend in an attempt to not go completley mental I am being whisked away to Lake Martin for our second annual girl's weekend. I am one of the most blessed people when it comes to friends. I have best friends from my family, high school, college, post college, and even work. I count myself extremley lucky to be surrounded by such amazing women. One of my subgroups of best friends( college) are taking a quick weekend get away to the lake. This is much needed considering I have now been back in school teaching for 8 days. These girls are my sanity. They are funny, loyal, compassionate, and godly. They know the importance of a good beer or glass of wine ,but more importantly the importance of a good conversation. So I am so looking forward to a weekend filled with good conversation and sweet smiles. Now I ask for your prayers. See last year we went to visit Lacey for such said weekend, and well WE ALMOST DIED. So if you would please pray that we would not get stuck on a boat during a thunderstorm and hurricane force winds I know we would all appreciate it!( Yes that really did happen) I hope every one has as good of a weekend as I know I will!


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