Monday, April 26, 2010

Accessories- I am in love with...

These are few accessories that i have been loving lately. Some of these things i have had a while and some are new additions. This watch is awesome! It goes with everything and makes your arms look tanner because of its light color.
Don't you just love this little boat tote. I keep finding reasons to use it because it just makes me so darn happy!
I couldn't actually find the color that i have in these shoes(coral),but i wear these almost every day to school. They are comfortable and trendy. I have been wanting a fun big ring and this is just the ticket. It has not actually arrived yet, so lets hope it lives up to the pictures.

My initial necklace i bought back around christmas. I wear it all the time. Lauren Conrad "LC" has one also. So by default i am cool. Right?

Just a few fun things i have been sporting lately! Hope everyone is having a marvelous monday!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Presents....

My wonderful amazing do-gooder sister's birthday is in a couple of weeks. She is in her residency in New Orleans and so by default does not have a lot of free time. She graced us with her presence for a couple of days last week and we had a spectacular time spending my parents money..... We shopped..... we ate...... we laughed..... and by the end of our couple of days together we fought( isn't that what sisters do?). I have been racking my brain trying to think of a creative birthday present for Katie and it finally dawned on me..... I would redecorate her bedroom for her birthday. Katie has had the same bedding since she started medical school 5 years ago and to say that it has seen its better days would be an understatement. I poured through my online fabric resources and assembled a sophisticated, calming, peaceful bedroom., just what the doctor ordered(ha!). The following pictures are of the fabric samples and such. She will have take a picture so we can all see the final product.

Bed skirt and Euro Shams made from this....

With this trim....

And this quilt in White.....
And this Duvet with a porcelain blue dot trim.

And these lamps....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring obsessions

Due to some body changes and such.. i am having to buy a whole new spring wardrobe... which is well really fun for the most part ( especially when the p-units are funding it). I tried to stay on the cheap for most things.
Here are my steals from oldnavy. These pants are awesome.. i own them in pink, gray, white, and dark denim... I think they are like $15.00 this week. Can't beat that.

This dress is like $12.00 right now and i own it gray, pink, and teal. It is so comfortable and looks really awesome belted.
The following images are my recent purchases from Mecca( anthropologie). They are all awesome as per usual.

Ok so not all on the cheap... but aren't they fun! It makes going in your closet so much better.

I will be back with my shoes/ accessory finds for spring... I am sure you will be waiting with baited breath.


I am completely OBSESSED
I honestly have never been one to take that great care of my skin. I usually have always been on some sort of Acne regimen from my dermatologists. I am known to go to sleep with a full face of makeup and often times do not thoroughly wash my face. Hence probably why i needed to be on Breakout prone skin care. The picture above is of the Clarisonic pro and when i tell you this is the most amazing thing ever invented, you need to take my word for it. I use this twice daily with my regular face wash. It makes your skin fresh and dewy. It clears up and minimizes breakouts. And pretty much makes you look like you have had a facial everyday. I have been using mine for about 3 weeks now and I probably get a compliment on my skin everyday! The highest compliment paid was by my bff Lacey who works in a dermatologists office and more importantly has the most flawless skin in the world. She noticed the minute she saw me. So here is my shameless plug. This is the best thing for your skin in the entire world. period. It is pricey, but worth the investment. Just say yes to a facial every day.