Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taylor Swift...

Lately i have been really obsessed with Taylor Swift.... If you didn't already know that about my personality i am a bit obsessive and get stuck on kicks quite easily. I have been really into her music.. it just makes me smile... But more importantly i have been really into her Hair accessories... So yesterday i bought myself a very early Christmas Present... Merry Christmas to me and to T Swift.

The first pick is of T Swift wearing the headband... The second is of the headband up close.... Don't worry i am not going to wrap it around my head like that

What have you bought yourself for Christmas?

So continues my love of QVC...

I know i admitted my love of QVC early this year when i purchased my faux fur Rachel Zoe Vest. Well it continues. I have been wanting something in a tartan or christmas plaid to wear for the holidays. I loved the J crew Wrap dress a couple of years ago in Tartan plaid tafetta and well to be quite honest have be searching for it substitute ever since. I was watching the New Issac Mizrahi collection for QVC on Sunday night ( don't judge)... When it appeared. A tafettta Plaid Party skirt... Perfect for Christmas Eve. What do you think... with Black tights, and a black silk top and cute jewelry... Don't you think i will be a hit.