Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things I have purchased for fall part 1

Ok So i have a bit of a shopping addiction. This comes as NO surprise to anyone who has even only briefly met me. So i have compiled a list of things i have purchased for fall. This is Part I, I am doing this to primarily to hold myself accountable. So all of you know what i have bought and you also know i don't need anything else. OK ... Understand.... Got it.
First up we have this lovely sweater from Antrhopologie. It was on sale! Perfect fall color!
This sweater is also another Anthro find... not on sale... but by the time it goes on sale they won't have it anymore. That's how i justify it! Isn't great!
I have been wanting some gladiator heels, but not wanting to spend a fortune. I found these at kohl's they are simply vera wang brand and they are surprisingly comfortable.

Another Anthro purchase. It looks great layered and is an awesome color for year round wear.

And finally my minnie pants. Mine are not J Crew they are Michael Kors. They are seriously the most comfortable pants i have ever worn. I own them in brown, black ,and gray!

So this is part1, i hope you think i made good purchases. I will be back with part 2 later this week! Happy shopping! oh and officially Happy Fall ! Let's go buy some Pumpkins!


  1. Looks like you've purchased some great pieces to take on a fall trip to New York... just saying...

  2. I LOVE the pants and the shoes. Why can we not have Kohl's here in NOLA...boo.

    I might have to get you to proxy shop for me next time you are coming to NOLA.