Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's no secret....

That I love Barack Obama( well all the Obama's)! I know a lot of people disagree with me,but hey it's my choice! Anyways! I am in love with his back to school speech from yesterday! Seeing as I work in the public school sector, I was asked to show the speech! I loved watching my kids hang on every word he said. It is amazing how much they listen to him. They really do believe what he says and they really to do want to make him proud. I just think it was an inspiring speech that really had the potential to change mindsets of children in poverty and what they are capable of. And you know i am always a fan of that! So to all of you who aren't so sure of him , I tell you to go listen to his speech! It might even inspire you!

I will quote one of my second graders who said " There is no excuse for not trying, remember Barack said that"

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  1. Oh it makes me so happy to hear your students enjoyed his speech! I remember getting a letter in the mail from George Bush Sr's dog Millie and thinking that was the most amazing thing ever. I can hardly imagine how I would feel if the president was specifically addressing me, as a student. I'm so glad your kids are inspired to try harder because of the President's sad for the kids and schools who opted to not view this speech.