Thursday, September 10, 2009


To kick off Fall here are some of my favorite things for fall... some are not all that new or trendy! But i think they are MUST Haves!

Red shoes! I mean everyone should have a pair!

A statement necklace! Go to Forever 21 to find a great one for under $10

The pixie pant! It looks great with flats and heels and in Alabama it can be worn well into winter!

Linconln Park aftter Dark! My favorite fall nail polish!

Alright, I need to admit something to you. One of my tragic flaws is that i " rush the season". I have a huge problem waiting to wear a great new sweater or wonderful sundress( depending on the season) . So if you see me wandering around Birmingham in a wool sweater you will know why. Goodbye summer! HELLO Fall!

1 comment:

  1. Are pixie pants the same thing as stretch pants? See, I rely on you to keep up with trends. I would be lost if not...