Friday, September 18, 2009

My Passion

So I am not in Charleston this weekend do to the death of my bestie's sweet Mimi! So instead i will be in attendance of a lovely dinner party tomorrow night at the home of my sweet friends Ellie and Charles. I love to entertain..... It is such a high to come up with a design plan and execute it. I love to have people in my house, but here is a secret. I rarely cook? I will spend hours arranging flowers and picking out the perfect table linens, but when it comes to cooking the meal well i just don't have what it takes. That's why Ellie and I are the perfect team. She is an amazing chef. She whips up the most fabulous, gourmet meals and she makes it look so easy.
So as i was asking Ellie what i could bring tomorrow night, I immediately thought, I will bring something I can do to the party. So tomorrow night I am bringing the centerpiece. Now I am in no way skilled or trained in flower arranging, it really is just a hobby that i pull out at showers, holidays, and birthdays. I started going though my pictures to decide what i should do for my arrangement tomorrow night and i started to realize something. I definitely have a certain style. Almost all of my arrangements look the same. So i am going to try something new tomorrow night and I will be back on Sunday with the details! Wish me luck! I am also going to try to use only flowers i have growing in my yard or that i can buy at the farmer's market. So that should be interesting.

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  1. Glad my blog documents your flower styling skills :)