Monday, April 26, 2010

Accessories- I am in love with...

These are few accessories that i have been loving lately. Some of these things i have had a while and some are new additions. This watch is awesome! It goes with everything and makes your arms look tanner because of its light color.
Don't you just love this little boat tote. I keep finding reasons to use it because it just makes me so darn happy!
I couldn't actually find the color that i have in these shoes(coral),but i wear these almost every day to school. They are comfortable and trendy. I have been wanting a fun big ring and this is just the ticket. It has not actually arrived yet, so lets hope it lives up to the pictures.

My initial necklace i bought back around christmas. I wear it all the time. Lauren Conrad "LC" has one also. So by default i am cool. Right?

Just a few fun things i have been sporting lately! Hope everyone is having a marvelous monday!


  1. I am dying to know where this necklace is from....i have been trying to purchase one forever...i just happened upon your blog. THANKS!