Thursday, July 9, 2009

NOLA here I come!

Seeing as I am no where close to being a mother, it is really confusing to me why my cousin Julie would ask me to come help her keep her children for 10 days. But her lack of judgement will be my fun! I am so excited about spending time with my favorite 4 year old(Lucy) and my favorite 6 month old( James). They are two of the cutest little ones you have ever met! For my first week as Nanny I will mostly only have James during the day( Lucy is going to Day camp). So James and I are going to take the city by storm. I am going to make it to all the fun places and hole in the walls that i never seem to make it to on my usual trips! I am feeling there is going to be lots of stroller pushing afternoons on Magazine with a cute baby in tow. I am feeling some lesiurley lunches with my Aunts. And hopefully some fun dinners with my Sister. I will be in attendence of my Aunt Lucy and Uncle David's weekly redbeans dinner on Wednesday night which always proves to be quite the show! If you can't tell i am totally pumped about spending 10 days in NOLA! I am focusing on the positives of this trip, because if i think of the one person i will not see when I am there i am bound to be depressed. See, my Uncle Richie lost his battle with cancer on May 31 and i have not been back to NOLA since his funeral! I know that a piece of my happiness in that city is now gone! He was a beer drinking, peanut eating, sausage loving man who made every thing fun and easy. Spending time with him watching what not to wear and say yes to the dress, was just like being with one of your best friends! I am having a hard time realizing that when i walk into the Audubon Street house on Sunday that he won't be there. So this trip will be fun but bittersweet. I am focusing on the positive because that is what he would want me to do.
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  1. I love the blog! Hope the trip is fun! Is Kate jealous of your time there or is she going too?!