Friday, July 10, 2009

Favorite things in New orleans

In no particular order I am going to list a few of my favorite things to do in New Orleans. I know that everyone has not been to New Orleans, but i think it is a MUST!
1. Brennans---- It is wonderful for brunch and completely decadent! I also love the fact that it is completely old school. Men are "supposed" to wear a jacket and the waiters wear tuxedos! It is so good and really who would pass up some eggs with andouille sausage REALLY???
2. Bon Ton Cafe-- I was lucky enough to have my 25th Birthday party here. I enjoyed wonderful craw fish tails, fried oysters and onion rings. I also continued my debauchery by "drinking" their bourbon bread pudding which is sure to knock you off your feet!
3. The St. Charles Ave. Street car--- This is one of my favorite activities--- it is so fun to ride the line all the way down to Canal street and back up to Camellia Grill. It is so peaceful and fun,but it is most fun to ride it with my mom. She will tell you stories of how she would ride the street car to school when she younger.

4. Camellia Grill- Best hamburger you will eat as well as a scrumptious little treat called an Orange freeze( think creamsicle) which consists of orange juice and vanilla ice cream! Yummm

5. Magazine Street-- This is a place where most anyone can do some damage. I enjoy this little stretch right across from whole foods. I almost always find something I can't seem to live without when i am there.

6. Franky and Johnny's-- Best Crawfish 'nough said--
**** Important Fact******
This is where my dad made me kiss an old man for a dollar. Yep that's right this place is KLASSY

7. Hansen's Sno balls---- Think Sno Biz but about 100 times better. They are only open for about 4 hours every day, but it is worth the line that goes around the block( on a usual summer day) to taste a nectar cream sno ball!

I will be back with some other favorites just as soon as I eat some breakfast. All this talk of food has made me very hungry!


  1. That's a great list! I see some streetcar riding with James and Lucy in your future!