Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the joys of home ownership????

****************************Not my actual front yard**************************
So i bought my house about a year and half ago and it has been a wonderful little spot for me.  It is in a great location, has a lot of charm and there was very little (cosmetically) that i needed to do to it! Well a year and a half later and a waud of money later I am the proud new owner of a new sewer and water line!!! Woo-Hoo it is what i always dreamed I never knew i wanted.  Needless to say I have watched my semi landscaped front yard go to a pile of dirt in about 30 minutes.  I had about 15 mature azealas that are now sitting by the street for the garbage to pick up and I am now forced to landscape my front yard.  That being said I need some ideas on things to plant in my front yard. So if any of you have great ideas of things that will do well year round in Alabama weather LET ME KNOW!. 

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