Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring break came and went....

Today might be the nastiest day that has ever happened..... ( both mentally and physically) I returned to work today after 10 days of spring break... It came and went too fast... but i was able to be productive...
Here is my list of things that I accomplished during my week off:
1. deck/ house/ driveway and sidewalk pressure washed..... by a proffessional not me.
2. flower beds cleaned out... new mulch put out
3. monkey grass transplanted from mom's yard to my yard to line the edge of my flower bed
4. stone placed around other flower beds
5. shrubs and trees cut back
6. pine straw spread
7. deck stained
Whew... it was quite a week at the little homewood house.... but at least maybe now i can actually enjoy the outdoors this spring.. instead of working in the yard every weekend!
Happy Spring!
P.S.- my nephews have arrived and are the most adorable things i have ever laid eyes on.... there mother(my sister in law) doesn't want them on the internet for everyone to see , so you will have to take my word for it.


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  1. Don't forget lots of time spent seeing the aforementioned adorable nephews -- they loved seeing you! You had quite the productive spring break, for sure. Sorry to be a nut about the pictures, but the internet is a crazy sort of place.