Monday, February 8, 2010

Mardi Gras Fashion

My week is going to be crazy... between taking off two days for Mardi Gras and having a proffessional development workshop half a day, I am going to be lucky to see my students at all. They are so understanding and are easily bribed with Little Debbie valentine's cakes(who isn't?)
So because my week is semi-hectic i have decide to pack for the weekend tonight. As i thought about what attire would be appropriate for the weekend i took into account the following things- 1. new orleans street funk
2. small children
3. lots of walking
4. lots of drinking

So i have decided i am going to try to look stylish without ruining all my "good" clothes.
So without further adu... Here is what is going in my suitcase. I know some of the shoes are ugly, but I have to dress for comfort.

This is obviously not everything going in my suitcase, but i couldn't list it all as my computer was running slow!



  1. Cox! Love these Mardi Gras choices. Perfect mix of stylishness and practicality. (For better or worse, I always opt for comfy shoes, so I appreciate that perspective in this post.) And since you're the guru on tricky style situations, tell me what you would do with this one... I have a wedding March 20th in Atlanta. It will still be freeeeeezing in NYC, but probably not so much in Atlanta... but it won't quite be spring. What's a girl to wear?! (I'm thinking navy...) Please advise!!

  2. Um, I am going to be extremely jealous, as usual. I have been wearing Nike running/yoga pants, old jeans and sweatshirts. Oh yeah, and my Who Dat Nation t-shirt. I will be lucky if I get my hair brushed and out of a pony tail. I tried on Saturday for the den and after about 45 minutes James coated my hair and cute top with sticky king cake icing. HELP. And he has another ear infection...started antibiotics today so he will be back to his jovial old self in time for sleet and 40 degree weather on Thursday night. Awesome! Can't wait to see you!