Monday, February 8, 2010

Dat's Who!

So the Saints completely rock right? I know all of you were sporting black and gold all day yesterday right? And if you are as die hard as my mom you might be sporting your "who dat" shirt tucked into a pencil skirt with a cardigan on today to the Junior League luncheon. She is seriously wearing that.
Anyways last night was incredible! I know having a new orleans native as a mother and a family that's roots run deep helps, but i felt like kid on Christmas yesterday. It was an amazing day. I loved calling my sister( who lives in NOLA) after every play and hearing the sounds of what seemed like hundreds screaming coming through the phone. I loved texting my cousin Julie to make sure her kids were awake to see this amazing victory( which of course they were)! I loved the way the perseverance of this team made me feel and who I thought of first when they finally won. Julie summed it up best on her blog," her heart was full" and so was mine. As the saints game ended last night, I swear I saw the glistening of tear on my mom's face. See it's not just about a football game...... It is about so much more.... It is about a city! And to end I will leave you with my mom's quote of the night, " I just never thought i would live to see the day the saints would win a Superbowl"
Who dat? We Dat!
BTW- I am headed to NOLA on thursday for Mardi Gras and can't wait to take part in the Saint's pandemonium it is going to be incredible!

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