Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things i am loving for Winter!

Birmingham has been boasting some pretty cold temperatures lately.... so with that comes my favorite things for winter/ new purchases I have made.

A Leather Jacket.... Now i have tried to be cool and do the bomber style jacket but it just doesn't work for me. I look kind of wannabe in it. So i settled on this lovely option. I love the color and am looking for any reason to wear it.

I have been sporting this little number a lot when dressing up! I absolutley love it and have had many people ask if they can borrow it. I think it is pretty awesome

With cold weather comes my need to layer... Mom picked this up for me the day after christmas and it has become a regular accessory during these past cold weeks.

I have also been sporting lots of solids with different fun accessories including these two anthropologie favorites.

Lastly Santa( mom) slipped these cuties under the tree and i have been loving them as a my POP of color in the drab winter. ( they are purple if you can't tell)

Stay Warm!


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